The Real Savings of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

The Real Savings of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

If you’re thinking of buying a house, you may be wondering if it’s worth getting a building inspection beforehand. While a property may seem perfect at first glance, there may be hidden defects, ways to save money, health hazards and even safety issues at hand. Here are some of the reasons a building inspection can result in big savings.

Save your Money

The cost of a home might not be the end of your spending if you buy a damaged property. Think about the thousands you’ll drain fixing faulty plumbing, paying for the extermination of a termite infestation or repairing other structural damage. With the insight of a building inspection report, you can, in some situations, renegotiate the cost of the home based on the estimated repair costs, or just walk away and find a better place.

Save your Health

If you intend to purchase an older house, it may contain asbestos, which was used in building construction until around 20 years ago when it was strictly prohibited. If you bypass an inspection for a house containing asbestos and decide to renovate, you may be unknowingly releasing asbestos into the air. If inhaled, it could cause serious health issues. An inspection will identify the presence of any asbestos in the building.

Save your Life

Catch fire risks before moving in by getting an inspection and it could very well save your life.

So before you buy, try Cap-it-all’s Perth home building inspections. A Cap-it-all comprehensive report includes information on smoke detectors and downlight safety in the house. Faulty or old electrics can pose a fire and electric shock hazard in the home.

Building Inspections with Cap-It-All

Cap-It-All’s comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections are easy to book, easy to conduct, and well worth your time. An accurate inspection means savings: it can save you headaches, it can save you money and it can even save your life.

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