Common Hidden Faults and How they can Cost You

Common Hidden Faults and How they can Cost You

When you view a house for the first time, what do you look for? You might be sizing it up to make sure it is spacious enough to accommodate your needs. You may take note of general tidiness. Those with a keen eye may check for marks and scuffs on the walls and floors. But even if things look great on the surface, it’s the hidden damage and faults that can really cost you in the long run.

With many years conducting Perth home building inspections, Cap-it-all has seen it all. We know looks can be deceiving and your dream home may actually be a nightmare in disguise. Here are some of the common hidden issues in homes that can be picked up with a comprehensive building pre-inspection.

Damaged Roofing

Regardless of how long you spend examining the interior of a home before buying, you’re unlikely to ever get out the ladder and check up on the state of the roof! And yet, the roof is a common place for defects to be found. Exposed to the elements, a roof will slowly deteriorate over time and, if the degradation is left unnoticed, it can eventually become severe enough to cause leaks. If a roof is sagging, it’s usually a sign of poor construction and major structural faults, which could eventually lead to the roof giving in.

If a roof is old and degraded or lacks sufficient structural support, it can be very unsafe for the residents. To repair sagging or degrading roofs, you need a specialist roofing contractor. Roof repairs can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Mould not only looks nasty and spoils the aesthetics of a home, it can also be harmful to your health. Certain people may be more affected by mould, experiencing respiratory problems, sneezing, rashes or other ailments. Mould can also cause an unpleasant smell in the house.

You may be able to remove a small amount of mould yourself with some high quality cleaning supplies, but for larger jobs you will need the help of a mould removal/remediation specialist.

Depending on the size of the job, it could cost hundreds of dollars to remove, or tens of thousands of dollars. The presence of mould may also indicate other issues, like a plumbing leak, which will also require attention and cost money to fix.

Downlight Safety

Old or poorly installed ceiling downlights with inadequate protection cause at least one house fire every week in Western Australia. Cap-It-All identify this type of defect on a weekly basis.

It is important that downlights are adequately protected from coming into contact with combustible materials, and putting the lives of you and your family at risk. This can be a relatively small job, or a large job depending upon the extent of unprotected downlights and how easy it is to access them. A licensed electrician must undertake this kind of repair, and it is likely to cost hundreds of dollars.

Insect Infestation

Creepy crawlies are the last thing you want to see in your new home. The worst of the pest infestations are termites. Termites’ insatiable appetites will see them chowing down on all the wood in your home, which may result in the structural integrity being compromised. A really bad infestation could render a home completely unlivable.

You will need to hire a pest control specialist to remove an infestation. Termite treatments will usually cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Loosed/Joined Wiring and Incorrect RCDs

It may not be obvious on first glance, but loose/joined electrical wiring and incorrect RCDs can be a serious safety hazard. Faulty, loose or old wiring can pose a risk of electrocution if a person comes into contact with the unsafe wires. Additionally, there should be RCDs (Residual Current Devices) protecting all power and lighting circuits. Once you purchase a home, any faults with the wiring or electrics become your responsibility to fix, and if you want a safe home, fixing faulty wiring is important.

Replacing the electric wiring in your house can be a costly task. It can range anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Cover all the Bases with Cap-It-All Building Inspections

A comprehensive Cap-it-all building inspection in Perth provides a report covering all of these common faults, plus many more. Armed with the knowledge of any potential faults, you can calculate repair costs that will be involved and use them to renegotiate on the price of the house, or choose to avoid it altogether. Don’t get stuck with a dud, call us for an inspection today.

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