Structural Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Structural Building Inspection Perth

“A Cap-It-All Structural Building Inspection Perth keeps you safe by ensuring the structural integrity of the building is at an acceptable level to avoid the development of unsafe conditions”

What do we inspect?

The purpose of the pre-purchase structural building inspection Perth is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser or other interested party regarding the condition of the structure of the property. This inspection aligns itself Appendix A of AS4349.1, which allows us to directly address each possible structural element within a building. The areas in which our report address include:

Stormwater or surface drainage that has visibly caused foundation instability: Drainage is often overlooked as a structural problem although identification of this defect can be a common occurrence as drainage works often do not form part of the original building contract when the property was built. These problems are particularly significant in areas of reactive soils in many suburbs located East of Perth. Click here for more information.

Significant Fretting or Spalling of Masonry or Concrete Structural Elements: This defect is particularly prevalent in coastal areas of Perth due to the salt content in the air, although many other factors may contribute. Click here for more information on fretting of masonry, or here for further information on spalling of concrete.

Rusting of primary structural elements: This defect is also particularly prevalent whilst conducting building inspections in the coastal areas of Perth. However, rust can be found in any area exposed to a certain amount of moisture. As part of our inspection service we may make comment on the perceived cause of the defect, although often this can be difficult to identify with full confidence, as the source may be as small as a pinhole leak in a flashing. Click here for more information.

Cracking to primary structural elements: Cracking of primary structural elements may indicate foundation movement and as such a structural engineer should be engaged if cracks over 5mm are identified. Click here for more information.

Fungal Decay Caused by Wood Decay Fungi: Any property with wood decay fungi attack may be on the verge of collapse. This is particularly applicable to properties with a sub-floor (bearer & joist construction), or roofs that have been constructed in timber. Click here for more information.

Roof Framework: Due to insurance limitations you will not be able to inspect your roof prior to purchase. There are a range of structural defects that may be identifiable within the roof space. Click here for more information.

Balconies & Stairs: The stability of balconies & stairs are deemed to be structural issues. Cap-It-All building inspections also takes barrier safety seriously, and as a result we will report on non-compliance of barriers to balconies & stairs when conducting our Structural Building Inspection Perth. Click here for more information.

Within our report each item is directly addressed & accompanied by supporting information, ensuring that knowledge has been imparted to the client & clarity has been provided on the identification of structural defects.

The identification of the above defects may incur costs of tens-of-thousands of dollars. As such we recommend that a structural defects inspection is the bare minimum when consideration is given as to which inspection best tailors your needs.