Structural Plus Building Inspection

Structural Plus Building Inspection Perth

“A Cap-It-All Structural Plus Building Inspection Perth keeps you safe by ensuring the structural integrity of the building is sound”

What do we inspect?

The Cap-It-All Structural Plus Building Inspection has been formulated to concur with the terms and conditions as written within a standard Reiwa offer and acceptance contract. This inspection aligns itself with appendix A of AS4349.1 which allows us to directly address each possible structural element within a building. Electrical and plumbing items are also covered where feasible.

Inspection details:

  • Ensure Residual Circuit Devices are present
  • Stormwater or surface drainage that is, or has the ability to, affect foundation stability
  • Condition and stability of attached structures
  • Condition of structural steel elements
  • Fretting of brickwork mortar joints
  • Cracking
  • Concrete cancer
  • Fungal decay to structural elements
  • Working order and drainage of taps, showers and toilets (does not include washing machine taps)
  • Condition of electrical switches and sockets
  • Correct placement, type and expiry dates of smoke alarms
  • Working order of exhaust fans
  • Structural stability of stairs and balconies
  • Structural integrity of roof framework
  • Halogen downlight safety
  • Loose/taped/joined electrical wiring within the roof loft space
  • Safety recalls as advised by the WA Department of Mines, Industry, Regulations and Safety

This inspection is designed to inform a prospective buyer of the current structural integrity of the main property. For a more detailed inspection of the property and site please refer to our Comprehensive Building Inspection.