Why Get a Building Inspection

The investment that you are about to make could be the biggest of your life. REIWA statistics show that median Perth house price is generally $530,000-$560,000.
Considering the size of the investment, wouldn’t you want a building inspection in Perth to ensure your property is safe and structurally sound? Key reasons your property should undergo inspections include:

Identification of Structural Defects
You cannot inspect your roof for insurance reasons prior to purchasing the property. Even if you could, would you know what to look for? Many structural issues may not be easily identifiable to the naked eye. Additionally, for building work over the value of $20,000 undertaken in the last six years you may still be covered by a structural defects warranty. Still, there’s no sense of having a warranty if you do not know what or where to look for actual and potential defects.

Identification of Safety Hazards
Identifying safety hazards during inspections will protect you and your family. Whether you have loose balustrades or unsafe blind cords, it is imperative to know the safety hazards around your home. In most instances, such hazards are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix. This could save you thousands in potential future damages to your building, and a potential heartache.

Identification of Possible Health hazards, and recommendation of suitable action
Perth is often referred to as the asbestos capital of the world. As such, health hazards like asbestos or mould may exist within your home, especially if it was built prior to December 31st 2003. Our accredited building inspectors in Perth conduct inspections for asbestos and moulds, thus keeping you and your loved ones safe from such health hazards.

Identification of possible electrical faults, and recommendation of suitable action
While only licensed electricians can issue an electrical safety certificate, building inspectors may bring up issues like loose wiring, inadequate clearances of insulation around downlights or RCD’s and smoke alarms. Common defects like old or poorly installed ceiling downlights, for instance, cause at least one house fire every week in Western Australia. Conducting building inspections will help prevent these issues from escalating into accidents.

Termites may be small, but they can cause a world of damage
A skilled inspector is necessary to search for signs of termite infestations. Recent figures indicated that at least 1 in 4 homes in Australia have termites, and the average
repair cost for termite damage to a home is $7,000. Remove termites before they enter your building and cause significant damage to your home through regular

If you are purchasing a property with a pool, ensure it is checked by a Perth building inspector
Drowning is the most common cause of preventable death for children aged 0-5. Around 16 toddlers drowned in Western Australia over the past five years. Furthermore, around 10 children are admitted to a hospital following a near-drowning incident (160 children over the past five years).
A pool owner/occupier who fails to comply with a defects/compliance notice risks  legal proceedings, a maximum penalty of $5,000 and a penalty of $250 for each day
until the barrier is again deemed compliant. A building inspector in Perth will help ensure that your pool barriers comply with Australian standards, which will also save you from huge expenses and potential heartache.

Use a building report to develop a maintenance schedule
While conditions of some items may not be serious enough to warrant renovations, they should still be part of the maintenance schedule. For example, why not attend to that area of silicone that needs replacing rather than let it become a structural (moisture) problem? Not all inspectors will report on maintenance items, so employ Cap-It-All to receive a thorough report.