Why Choose Cap-It-All

We are one of the leading providers of building inspections Perth has to offer. Using our extensive knowledge, we will support you throughout the home purchasing process. Building inspections do not require licensed inspectors, which is why you should choose a qualified person to perform the inspection. This is where Cap-It-All Building Inspections comes in.

The following demonstrates our capabilities as your Perth building inspector:

Building, Timber Pest (Termite), Pool Barrier, and Real Estate Experience
Our inspectors have vast experience in the new-build, renovation and structural repairs sector, giving us an all-encompassing view of construction work. We also have past experience of working in consultation with structural engineers when assessing structural damage to homes. Our experience also covers the real estate industry, which means we’re able to identify defects within your potential home and advise the processes involved with a real estate transaction. Click here for more information on each members’ qualifications.

There are always new legislations and amendments as well as BCA requirements in the construction industry. As such, our inspectors often attend seminars and training events, and often participate in technical discussions to ensure that we’re up-to-date on the latest developments within the construction as well as building inspections industry.

Fully insured to conduct pool barrier, building and pest inspections
While there are no licensing requirements for inspectors in Perth, many insurers will not cover inspectors without adequate qualifications. Cap-It-All building Inspections is fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity. We are more than happy to provide proof of our insurance before you accept our services.

Detailed Reports
Our comprehensive building inspection reports are 35+ pages long, our timber pest (termite) inspection reports are 20+ pages long (with a complimentary timber pest (termite) maintenance advice program also attached) and our Pool Barrier inspection reports are 15+ pages long. Our approximately 70+ pages of report will give you anything you need to know about the property before you proceed with your transaction.

All of our reports are complete with digital photography, explanatory terms and links to relevant information. This allows you to easily understand the report and identify any particular areas of concern. All of our technical information and blogs come from our Perth building inspections team, which means the information is relevant to your property. We will be happy to discuss any areas that you don’t fully understand.

Inspection Aiding Equipment
Your building inspector should have the necessary tools to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Our inspectors carry FLIR thermal imaging cameras and the Termatrac T3i termite detection devices complete with moisture detection. With this equipment, our inspectors can investigate areas that cannot be solely assessed by the naked eye. For example, thermal imaging may detect leaking at the back of a shower, or the Termatrac T3i may identify termites within roof beams.

We conduct Building Inspections, Timber Pest (termite) Inspections, and Pool Barrier Inspections
We are your one stop shop for building inspections Perth! Our accreditations, qualifications and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to conduct all the necessary pre-purchase inspections. What’s more, you get one person to deal with throughout the inspection process, one booking to make, and the assurance that all reports will be available within the set timeframe. We also offer extremely competitive prices for your comfort and convenience.

Family owned and operated
Cap-It-All building Inspections is a proud family owned and operated business. We have been residing in the northern suburbs of Perth for the last 15 years, and regularly read updates from government authorities on laws & regulations that affect the Perth building inspections industry.

We Work for You!
At Cap-It-All building Inspections, we always seek the opportunity to obtain a ‘client for life’ by applying our family values into our business. Repeat business or referral is the greatest compliment our customers can give us.

Additionally, we are an independent Perth building inspector. Often real estate agents will recommend the services of a building inspector to you, although you should always be wary of the fact that the real estate agent’s recommendation may represent a conflict of interest as the real estate agent represents the seller, not you.

Building Industry Memberships & Networks
Rest assured that if there is a question that we’re unable to answer, we will find the answer for you. Thanks to our connections with the MBA, HIA, experienced trainers and advisors, we’re always well-informed regarding the building inspections industry. We’re still expanding our network and offering advice on particular specialised subjects (such as electrical safety certificates) if or when required.

Quick Turnaround
We provide our reports within 24 hours after payment. This allows you adequate time to negotiate on items that require fixing, and ensures that there are no delays to the settlement.

Post Inspection Consultation
We provide post report consultation and advice for every inspection. We also provide your settlement agent with a copy of the report and liaise with them to ensure that alteration of building defects or necessary termite treatment is completed as required.

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